Meet Your Next X-Girlfriend!

Before they became the Girls Of Annaxenne they were the Girls Of The Partyclique Models which became known as “The Chicks” were the embodiment of sex appeal and the ambassadors of the World Clique Movement. They were outgoing, smart, and drop-dead sexy!

From the promos they elevated to the pages of Annaxenne Magazine and now for the first time ever, you can get to know the super hot girls who made history by becoming the first generation of Annaxenne models.

Partyclique Chick is the official historical website of Annaxenne Magazine. For the first time you’ll see where it all started.. How it all started.. And who it started with. It’s all here in uncensored detail with thousands of high resolution pics and dozens of steamy, hot and sexy videos.

Start off by meeting your “X-Girlfriends” and riding along with Dylan Vandeers to an abandoned company town where she gets naked for our cameras and the cameras of a few passers-by!… Then get soaked as you shower with filipino beauty Natalia Tazetta…. And then get a tabletop dance from sexy hard rock chick Jennifer Carly!… And there’s more!

You’ll take a virtual look through our “Guestbook.” The actual sign-in book used to document the many aspiring models that came through our doors. These are women who went on to become Suicide Girls, Playboy Models, Porn Stars and other high-profile glamour girls.

Then get ready to go behind-the-scenes and join in on all the fun and good times that happens when our girls party naked! You’ll see the private photos and videos of the shenanigans, silliness and sexy caught-in -the-act scenes recorded when the girls didn’t care that the cameras were recording!

Lastly, take a trip down memory lane and into the hallowed halls of the legendary Studio Clique.. This is where it all started and where most of it took place. From this third floor apartment a legacy and an empire was born. Go back in time to the original Studio Clique in downtown Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and also step inside the short-lived Studio Clique Two complex. Both complete with lots of pretty girls getting naked whenever and wherever they could!

And if all of this wasn’t enough, you’ll be a fly-on-the-wall for the test shoots, tryouts, studio and location shoots and the rare, provocative never before seen antics of the girls in their raw and naked finest!

Partyclique Chick contains over two dozen hot and steamy videos and thousands of high resolution pics of the hotties who became the Girls Of Annaxenne. So click the image below and say hello to your next X-Girlfriend!

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